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My favourite ecards for your next ecard crisis

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My favourite ecards for your next ecard crisis

Dear Emily, I’m here to solve your ecard crisis.

So I forgot how much ecards used to be a huge part of my life. I used to send them to my family members, to my friends and sometimes just browse the internet and watch them for entertainment.

Since you’re back at school now Emily you might not have the time to search the internet to find the best ecards. Well fear not, I’m here to help. I have decided to give you my best recommendations for ecards so next time you’re needing an e-card please use one of these.

Get Well Soon Ecard

Know someone who been feeling a little ducky? This is the perfect card to send to them to lift their spirits.

Happy Birthday Ecard

It’s a talking giraffe that you can make say whatever you want. Who wouldn’t love this. I chose to make mine wish you a happy birthday Emily.

Which after recording that video I thought, “hmm I wonder what else I could make the giraffes say.” I made the giraffe sing Taylor Swift songs. You’re welcome.

I’m Sorry Ecard

If this sad worm doesn’t scream please forgive me I’m not sure anything will. Next time you hurt someone’s feelings… be an adult and send them an ecard apology.

Aniversary Ecard

I know it’s a bit early to wish you and Marvin happy anniversary. Keep this one in your back pocket. I bet Marvin would love it and if he doesn’t he would at least understand why you like it.

Missing You Ecard

Wanting to send you this one right now. I miss you when that happens. Next time you’re missing someone from home this might be the perfect card for you.

Congrarats Ecard

I have no words for this one. This is the best ecard.

and now you’re ready for any occasion this coming year. I wish you luck.

I’m going to give credit. I found these cards on Blue Mountain. WHICH CHARGE $5 A MONTH TO SEND ECARDS. New career goals.

Happy sending,

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