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We should name our mascot

We should name our mascot

Dear Emily, we should name our mascot.

I want to name our mascot Emily. I keep telling people about our blog and referring to our little logo and not having a proper name to call him.

To get the ball rolling I’ve come up with some name suggestions. I’ve always considered him to be male so keep that in mind when you’re reading my suggestions.

Name suggestions:

  1. Fred – Tomatoes grown on farm. Farmers have names. Farmer Fred. The only drawback is our blog isn’t farm related.
  2. Emmet – A cute name. Could also be fun to play off that both of our names start with E.
  3. Ace – As a call to the fact that the bottle is a pilot.
  4. Scout – could be close enough to a pilot name.

My ideas for our mascot’s friend:
Should our mascot have a friend? Should that friend be a random object…. Should that friend be imaginary? Should his friend also be his pet? Is that weird?

  1. A paper clip – As a throwback to the microsoft word assistant clippy.
  2. A chocolate chip – would be super cute but might look like poop.

I don’t think that this friend should be in everything… but could just appear randomly.

Might put your photo on a milk carton,

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