't’s time fer a life update. - Hello Ketchup
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‘t’s time fer a life update.


‘t’s time fer a life update.

Dear Emily, ‘t’s time fer a life update.

‘t’s been a busy tides but I at least want t’ update ye on what’s been goin’ on in me life. Sorry thar’s nay fancy story or a new idee t’ share wi’ ye. I jus’ wanted t’ get ye caught up on me life.

Last weekend I reckoned how much I missed th’ beach. Be ‘t summer again yet? After our spur o’ th’ moment beach trip last weekend I reckoned how much I miss th’ beach. ‘t had been half a moon since th’ last time I sailed’ an’ that be definitly t’ long. I be hopin’ t’ get aft ou’ one more time this tides but ’tis lookin’ like ‘t’ll mostly be rain.

I’m on vacation next week! I’m goin’ t’ toronto next weekend! I be invited on a trip t’ Buffer Fest an’ ‘t snuck up on me super fast. We planned this trip a wee moons ago an’ now ‘t’s next week. I’m excited.

I’m excited t’ be seein’ what ‘t’s like t’ go t’ a YouTube related event again. Since Vidcon me interest an’ excitement o’er th’ community has decreased. Which be interestin’ t’ think about. I think I’m either goin’ t’ re-spark me passion fer YouTube or ‘t’s nay goin’ t’ affect me at all. Either way expect t’ hear about ‘t in a blog post.

Me diet still sucks. Health be kind o’ sucky lately. I be havin’ an appointment wi’ a nutritionist on Fridee so I’m hopin’ that will help.

Happy talk like a pirate day,

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