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I’m definitely not writing this last minute

I’m definitely not writing this last minute

Emily, I’m definitely not writing this last minute.

I was definitely not planning to post something different today. I was definitely not derailed in that posting plan because you actually decided to post a blog post. I definitely have not had a super stressed out week.

There’s a joke in my office (really I’m just annoyingly saying things) where #blessed is an appropriate response to say when things go well. Well in the past few weeks I’ve been adding the phrase ‘I’m too blessed to be stressed’ along with the joke.

Now it’s one thing to take it as a joke and it’s fun to laugh at this but what if we took it seriously for a second. After a few stressful weeks, what would happen if instead of being stressed I remember why i’m blessed. (I know. Trust me. It’ll be good Emily.) Self therapy. Let’s talk about how I’m blessed in my stress lately.

I have access to help me figure out why I can’t food. Food has probably been my biggest enemy lately. Always bloated, upset stomach and not being able to eat the foods I’d like. I started with a new nutritionist and she gave me a different diet to follow. I’m now doing acupuncture to help with my stomach symptoms. I’m confident this will be an upswing!

I have the ability to Adventure. Sea glass hunting, house/puppy sitting, exploring the Toronto Islands, paddleboarding beach days. My summer has been so packed with adventure and I don’t plan on stopping.

I feel blessed by the people around me. It’s pretty nice having friends and family to talk to and who I know care about me too. I think that’s making me the happiest right now.

Don’t get stressed.
get blessed,

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