About Me - Hello Ketchup
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About Me

Hello Erin

Graphic designer by day, dog hugger by night.

Meet Erin. She’s the creative mastermind behind Hello Ketchup and many other quirky, cute – and admittedly a little hipster – projects.

She’s happiest when she’s floating out on the water on her paddleboard – but satisfying her YouTube addiction is pretty great too.

Between her love of giraffes and, well, her entire closet, almost everyone who knows Erin associates her with the colour yellow. Cheery, adventurous, and extremely persuasive, Erin is always roping others into her crazy schemes, like roasting Fuzzy Peaches on a campfire or making portrait subjects wear flower crowns and antlers.

Erin is also possibly the only tall person that actually loves it when you compare her to a giraffe.

Emily, describe Erin using 5 smells

Lemon zesty. Work desks. Soy milk. Cinnamon cupcakes. What does a giraffe smell like? That, too.

Emily, what .gif describes Erin?

Hello Emily

Em for short, if she likes you.

Rather than being Very Good at just one or two things, Emily’s ongoing life strategy is to be halfway decent at almost anything she can think of. She can play three full songs on the guitar, fish for salmon as long as her dad’s there to pull them off the hook, take photos that are only slightly out of focus, and keep from setting her grilled cheese on fire.

Sometimes she likes to annoy Erin by talking about Freudian imagery and postmodernism. It’s super pretentious. But it’s a side effect of pursuing an M.A. in English.

When she’s not buried in term papers, Emily tries to keep her many houseplant children happy, watered, and basically not dead. She hasn’t had a lot of success to date.

Erin, describe Emily using 5 smells

Strawberries? Paper, Determination, Dirt, and Basic (in that order).

Erin, what .gif describes Emily?